If you:

  • Travel across regions of Ukraine,
  • Visit international exhibitions,
  • Take part in international conferences, congresses,
  • Do incentive group travel for employees, partners or clients,

than you are certainly New Standard client.

The more carefully the trip is planned, the more details are taken into account by an experienced manager, the more effective the result of the trip will be and the more positive experiences your employees, partners and customers will get.

If you have an experience to organize a trip for yourself, you certainly realize the complexity it involves. What kind of hotel to choose? What’s the best hotel location? Direct flight or flights connection? Where is the best restaurant? Rent a car, order a transfer or take a train? How to pay for services?.. etc. Hundred details to connect.  Than you know that further the success of  business negotiations often depends on the strict timing, respect of business etiquette, local traditions, member of meeting personal specifics,  etc. To organize one day trip for a person seems not a simple task, than consider complexity of a perfect thirty or even a hundred people business trip organization.

You may trust your travel preparations to professionals in order to concentrate on your business mission performance.

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